A Personal Message from Dr. Jeffrey Cantor

DrCantor“I’ve been on the other side of the operating table. I’ve had back injuries and spine surgery, my first as a teenager. I understand the confusion, pain and frustration with recovery. I learned you need good planning, the right surgery, good follow-up therapy and sometimes, lifestyle modifications to keep a healthy, pain-free back.

My experiences had a major impact on my decision to go into medicine and specialize in the spine.

I’ve always felt there should be a better way to approach spine injuries and problems. In medicine, we often fail patients by only looking at the short-term fix and not the long term benefits. From the beginning, I wanted my practice to be different.

I am dedicated to keeping my patients moving, living the best possible life they can. More times than you can imagine – patients don’t even need surgery. For those who do, I have worked to develop creative surgical methods of repairing problems with a focus on the long-term results. All too often with spine surgery, other areas of the spine are compromised and patients end up having multiple surgeries in the years ahead. My goal is to keep my patients from needing that unnecessary surgery.

You can learn more about my surgical technique by clicking this link for Ultrasonic Spinoplasty.

I welcome your feedback and encourage questions. I will work with you to keep you moving, now and in the future.”