In between the vertebrae of the spine are round, flat discs that function as cushions. These discs absorb shock as well as the stress of body weight and they ensure the spine maintains its flexibility. Should they deteriorate or if the stress becomes too much, they may begin to swell or they may even rupture, causing the gel inside of the disc to leak potentially irritating spinal nerves. These herniated discs can occur anywhere in the spine but tend to occur most commonly in the neck and lower back. Being unable to lift the foot up is a symptom as well as pain, weakness, or numbness in the neck, shoulders, or limbs.



“After a 5 years of neck pain and having exhausted all medical treatment known to me, I decided to see Dr Cantor for possible surgical intervention for my constant neck pain. Immediately after surgery, the pain I had experienced for 5 years was gone. The surgical pain was minimal immediately, and relief from the surgical pain was controlled with Tylenol most of the time. In the 5 month since surgery I have gone from a very sedentary lifestyle due to the neck pain to a very active life style with no pain. And I thank Dr Cantor for giving me back my pain free life again.”

Anonymous Patient ~

“Dr. Cantor is an attribute to the medical community. I had surgery with him and went from not being able to take care of my children and barely walk to having a normal life again.”

Anonymous Patient ~

“Dr. Cantor not only saved my life but the quality of my life. He is the best!”

Anonymous Patient ~

“I am pain free because of Dr. Cantor.”

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