Cervical radiculopathy is a clinical description referring to pain or neurological symptoms caused by any condition causing irritation to a nerve root in the neck (cervical spine). If a nerve root is damaged it may result in a loss of sensation in the hands or arms, weakened or numb fingers, or pain in the arms, neck, chest, upper back, and shoulder pain. A loss of coordination in the hands may also be an indicator of cervical radiculopathy. Symptoms tend to be intermittent at first, but there is a risk of them developing gradually or even suddenly. This condition is often caused by other cervical conditions such as cervical herniated discs and cervical spinal stenosis.



A friend of mine recommended Cantor Spine Institute for nerve pain I was having in my neck. I was pleased with the time the doctor and staff took to listen to my description of my problem. They were extremely thorough in determining what was wrong and what was needed for my neck. Dr. G, as he is known, performed a steroid epidural. I was assured that if it didn’t fully take, another one could be performed, if necessary. I am pleased to say it fully took and I didn’t need to have another one, It took a few days to completely kick in. Now I am able to continue my daily activities and exercise without any pain. I would use them again, if needed, and highly recommend the practice for neck, spine or back problems. Thank you Cantor Spine Institute.

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