When the spinal canal in the neck begins to narrow, it may lead to a condition called cervical spinal stenosis. This narrowing of the spinal canal may squeeze and compress the nerve roots or even the spinal cord itself, causing stiffness, numbness, or weakness in the arms, legs, and the neck. It may also affect bowel and bladder habits in extreme cases. The condition is often caused by a lifetime of wear and tear and the normal aging process as the spinal canal changes in size and shape. Hence, it is more common in older patients. Symptoms may also include hand clumsiness, a loss balance, or even paraplegia in severe cases.

If you have been diagnosed with cervical stenosis and have been told that you needed, or may need surgery, you need to pay attention to Dr. Cantor's video below. Ultrasonic Technology has enabled the development of new surgical procedures that completely change the way spinal surgery is done.

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Without sounding overly dramatic, or going into too much detail, I can honestly say I believe Dr. Cantor saved my life. In 2007, my symptoms indicated dangerous and regular impingement/damage to my cervical spinal cord and I was told I was in imminent danger of becoming a quadriplegic unless I had surgery immediately. I refused. Following an 11 year search for a doctor who did NOT recommend fusion of my cervical spine C3 through C6 as the ONLY procedure available to me, I finally had the good fortune to be referred to Dr. Cantor, who had a different approach, different attitude, different techniques and a different solution to restore stability to my cervical spine and provide a safe open space for my spinal cord. At my first appointment, he spent more than 2 hours examining me and going over my MRIs CTScans, X-rays and history with me to explain what he thought he could/should do. When he finished I was in tears - tears of relief because I knew I finally had found a doctor who could help me.

Not only is his surgical approach different, but his office organization is different, functioning as a team that becomes a pre and post operative "risk management program" that includes availability of immune boosting diet, nutrition, exercise and supplements recommendations to make sure his (non-emergency) patients go into surgery as strong and healthy as possible, and one or two always available patient liaisons to answer any questions that might come up. On Dec. 3, 2018 Dr. Cantor performed posterior decompression surgery C2 through C6, then did an anterior single fusion C3/C4. My vertebrae are now stable, my spinal canal is wide open, and after 3.5 months I have almost full range of motion in my neck, my scary symptoms are gone and I'm not afraid to move anymore. It wasn't exactly a walk in the park . . . I had a lot of pain the first week and many limitations for the first month but I always had contact with Dr. Cantor's office and he or someone on his team were always available to answer questions and find solutions for any concerns. He is so well thought of in the community that even the hospital and rehab facility follow his diet, nutrition and exercise recommendations for his patients. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Cantor and his team, I recommend them highly, and I will continue to see him regarding issues in my lumbar and thoracic spine due to the degenerative disk disease that plagues me.


"For many years I was experiencing neck pain and frequent, severe headaches. As a healthcare professional, I did extensive research in addition to obtaining many physicians’ opinions regarding my cervical stenosis. Dr. Cantor is the only surgeon who offered a state-of-the-art motion-sparing solution that did not involve a “fusion,” metal screws, plates or rods."


"I was suffering from severe cervical stenosis. I’m a PE teacher, soccer ref and avid basketball player. I’d been suffering from pain for the past 15 years, but just played through it like anyone else."


“Dear Dr. Cantor, Basketball has its dream team: Jordan, Bird and Magic. My dream team is led by you and your associates. Through my two surgeries, your team, pre-op and post-op, did not miss the dotting of an “i” or the crossing of a “t.” Like a well-oiled machine, every aspect of my treatment was done with great precision. I can’t thank you and your team enough. Words can’t express my gratitude for a job so well done.”


"Words cannot express how much I appreciate you giving me back my life and to be able to play with my granddaughter again while being free from pain. From the moment that I walked into your office to even now after my surgery, the team you have is just amazing. When we decided to move forward with correcting my C6/C7 I never felt alone or scared even the day of surgery. You really have no idea how much it means to have that feeling that your life is safe and that you trust your surgeon and team…you gave that to me. If I ever meet anyone that needs to have surgery, you are the one that I would recommend. I wouldn’t go to anyone else."


“What a journey since I woke up early one morning with a feeling of ice water dripping on my left shoulder, neck, and face. The left side of my mouth and face were numb. I thought I was having a stroke. Dr. Cantor and his staff are very caring people so when I called, they must have heard the nervousness and worry in my voice, because Dr. Cantor got on the phone right away and assured me he knew what the problem was and wanted me in the office as soon as I could get there. By the way, I live in North Carolina, and by the time I got my tickets to fly down the next morning, his staff had made an appointment for me to get a CT. The following day I was in Dr. Cantor’s office with scans in hand.Dr. Cantor is a passionate surgeon; passionate about his own method of performing this delicate surgery and warm to his patients. The scans showed that I had a narrowing of the cervical spinal cord canal plus bone spurs were badly scraping and pinching nerves on the left side. “Yep, let’s get this fixed!” Dr. Cantor said. I appreciate how Dr. Cantor, his PA, and other staff members stood together with me to evaluate the scans and share their thoughts and experiences. I no longer feel that icy, numb feeling on my face, neck, and shoulder. All of that subsided quickly after my cervical laminoplasty surgery.I was eager to get back to my hobbies of vintage watch repair and silver-smithing as well as working on vintage motorcycles and a ’65 Mustang (I was worried if I could bear long periods of working over a bench.) With a strong desire, slowly but surely I’m back now 100%, in just eight months, and doing the things I love. Many thanks to Dr. Cantor and all my friends at the Cantor Spine Institute for my care and recovery.”


"My symptoms included a rapidly increasing loss of balance and numbness in my fingers. Dr. Cantor quickly diagnosed my cervical spinal stenosis and just as quickly scheduled me for surgery. I felt like I was in capable hands and had a lot of faith in his surgical abilities. Six months later and I am back to how I was before my issues!! Wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t chosen Dr. Cantor…would highly recommend him."


"C-2 thru C-7 Neck Fusion Surgery 2004 No pain or issues as of 2016 F-4/F-5 Lumbar Fusion Surgery April 2016- Used Ultrasonic technique. No pain after surgery and was able to walk normally the next day pain free. You are never treated like a number, he honestly cares, develops new procedures so his patients have less down time and less discomfort, takes the time with you and no surprises. This Ultrasonic technique he developed is AMAZING…..just like he is!"

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