This condition is a deformity of the spine. With it, your vertebrae change from a cylindrical shape to a wedge shape. Your spine may begin to curve forward. Eventually, this gives your upper back a rounded appearance.



In 2011, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. At 11 years old, I had a 45-degree angle develop in my spine. Three months later the degree had rapidly curved to 65 degrees, and I had to undergo surgery the next week. I Had a full spinal fusion procedure at Joe DiMaggio children’s hospital. It was an 11-hour surgery. The problem was never fixed, and in 2015 and 2016 I had to undergo two more surgeries to correct the problem. All three surgeries were with the same surgeon, but I am keeping his name confidential. I still wasn’t seeing any improvement in my posture and was never relieved of any pain.

My primary doctor from Holy Cross (Dr.Gill) recommended I go see Dr. Asghar. Dr. Gill talked very highly of Dr. Asghar commending his practice in correcting scoliosis patients. I was desperate to find answers, and my mother and I scheduled our first appointment with him in September. My mother and I met Dr. Asghar, and we were very impressed. He took his time explaining everything thoroughly and never rushed nor ditched any questions we had for him. He has a great sense of humor and is extremely sharp in what he does. I was stunned to find out I had developed kyphosis with my scoliosis. My questions were finally answered! Dr. Asghar was going to do my procedure, and it was scheduled for Nov 20, 2018. The days following up to the surgery I was put on a special diet by his team, and every time I came into the office they were so sweet and compassionate towards me as they understood my situation!

The day of the surgery I was so so nervous my mother told me “we can walk out now and not do it,” but I had faith and trusted Dr. Asghar. His surgical team came to check up on me in pre-op and made me smile with stories and jokes. They were very informative and listened to all of my concerns before going into the operating room. After the operation, I was in the ICU and was visited by Priscilla as well as Dr. Asghar and a few familiar faces I remembered in the operating room before going under. I was visited 2 times a day by Dr. Asghar, and when I wasn’t feeling so hot he went above and beyond to make sure I got the right medications. I was out of the hospital in 4 days! The day I left which was Saturday Dr. Asghar was very encouraging and motivated me to get up and get moving so I could go home as soon as possible. If it wasn’t for his encouragement that day, I probably would have stayed a couple more days! I am a completely different person after this operation I have grown 4 inches tall now and have better self-esteem in the way my body looks. I was also given the old screws and rods and a 3D model of my back by Dr. Asghar as a souvenir loved it!! Overall Dr. Asghar is the best orthopedic surgeon I have ever met and believe me when I say that anyone who has difficulty with their spine will have a completely new life. Many thanks to Dr. Asghar and his team.♥️♥️

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