When a nerve in the lower spine becomes pinched, swollen or irritated due to a bone spur or herniated disc pressing against it, it may lead to the painful condition called lumbar radiculopathy. This condition is commonly found in patients between the ages of 30 and 50 and it typically includes symptoms such as weakness, numbness, foot or leg tingling, muscle spasms, or even sciatica. Lumbar radiculopathy can be alleviated non-surgically using treatments such as but not limited to therapy or medication.



About six weeks ago I developed a searing constant pain up and down my left leg. At the time, I was also having tremendous stress in my life as my hubby was in and out of hospital and rehab. I visited him every day in absolute agony. Finally was recommended to Dr. Anthony Giuffrida by my son, Rob, who was seeing an orthopedist at Holy Cross. After viewing the MRIs that I brought it was recommended that I try a pain medication. Took it for 10 days, pain abated a little but the searing pain was still in my lower foot and ankle. All this time I maintained an active life due to my situation. It was not fun. Dr. Giuffrida saw me for a second visit on Dec7, 2018. At that time he recommended further treatment which hopefully would alleviate the pain entirely. Believe it or not, am writing this the day after treatment, practically pain free which to me is a MIRACLE. The DR. and his ENTIRE STAFF are people of extraordinary know how, integrity, friendliness and caring. It is possible to fall in love with all of them! Now you know the rest of the story! Love you guys!


My husband is in the medical field and did his due diligence before my spinal fusion in 2011 to find the very best physician. Every doctor he knew said that Dr. Cantor is the best. And they were right. I am so thankful he was my surgeon. Not only did my surgery go flawlessly, the results exceeded my expectations. I have recently gone back for stenosis/bulging disc/compressed nerve at another location in my back. Rather than recommending immediate surgery, Dr. Cantor suggested we try a spinal epidural, performed by Dr. Giuffrida, in his office. Two injections later, I am almost pain free. I just can’t recommend Cantor Spine Institute highly enough.

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