Lumbar stenosis is a condition where the spinal canal in the lumbar (lower) spine begins to narrow. It is often caused when tissues or bones begin to grow in the openings of the spinal bones, squeezing or irritating nerves branching out from the spinal cord. The condition is usually caused by changes that happen as people age, such as the wearing out of ligaments that help to maintain spine stabilization. Symptoms may include leg pain when attempting to walk or a tingling, weakness or numbness beginning in the lower back into the buttocks and legs.



Eight months ago I began to have huge amounts of pain in my back. I could not walk without assistance from a cane. I spent more time being immobile than enjoying retirement. It took me five different doctors until I found Dr. Cantor. He quickly diagnosed my problem and said he could help me go back to my regular life. He put me on a high protein and low carb diet. I lost 30 pounds before surgery. I also participated in his pre and post surgical program. I had the surgery six weeks ago. When I got out of bed after the surgery I knew I made the right decision. I have no more back pain and am able to return to my normal activities. His use of ultrasound allowed for easy recovery and a life of no pain. THANK YOU DR. CANTOR.


“I practiced cardiac surgery for greater than 30 years in Los Angeles. I retired with the with the intention of traveling and enjoying life with my wife and spinal stenosis stopped me in my tracks. I had a spondylolisthesis with lumbar stenosis and the nerve pain in my legs became so severe that I could not walk. I could barely get up. I had consultations and opinions from doctors in L.A., New York, and frankly all over the country with similar recommendations for an extensive fusion procedure. My research led me to Dr. Jeffrey Cantor in Fort Lauderdale Florida. He developed a less invasive technique that isolated and removed the pressure on the spinal nerves from the inside out, preserving the important structure of the spine. There would be no need for an extensive multiple level fusion. I had the procedure in early 2010. I was out of the hospital in one day, completely healed in three months, and have been traveling ever since.”


“I would like to thank you and your team for the quality of medical care and great success you provided me with my back surgery. My wife and I had met a young lady through mutual friends who had undergone an extensive neck operation with great success. She and her husband gave us a chronological history of the process they went through from surgery to recovery. It was very compelling. I made the appointment with her surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Cantor. In the examination, the PA did a more comprehensive preliminary than I had experienced previously. Dr. Cantor came in the room and we began what turned out to be an informal conversation that progressed into a 45-minute assessment and detailed procedure of what he envisioned as a solution to my problem. He outlined the protocol from surgery through recovery with the final outcome being no pain or disability. It all made sense to me. Surgery was done on November 15, 2010. Today, I’m back in the gym and walking for one hour without any pain. Great job guys!”


“I’d like to share my personal experiences with you. Prior to surgery, I was an active 72 year old, golfing, sailing, etc., but as the years progressed, I started suffering severe lower back pain and had to curtail my daily activities. It was then that I decided to consult pain management doctors. After many attempts to ease my pain (epidurals), I was not able to continue my activities without being tired and exhausted. The pain persisted. Finally, I research a spinal surgeon and your name came highly recommended. I made the appointment for a consultation. That appointment went well and I decided to proceed with the surgery. From day one, I was instructed in detail what I should expect. A nutritionist was suggested with the healing process. That proved to be exceptional. Right from the beginning, I started eating a very nutritional diet which certainly helped with my recuperation. All the extra incentives for my recovery were in place, ice water for pain and swelling, a brace to restrict my bodily movement (bending, twisting) and a bone stimulator which helped with the success of the fusion.

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