Research & Education


Cantor Spine Institute signals a paradigm shift in the medical education, research and clinic studies of spinal conditions and sports medicine. Dr. Cantor and his faculty team are responsible for the acquisition of knowledge and development of many groundbreaking minimally-invasive “ultrasonic” techniques for treating spinal conditions as well as state-of-the-art advanced treatments for chronic pain. Our faculty studies, develops and educates the medical community on non-destructive processes, techniques, and procedures that are the result of exhaustive research, painstaking outcome analysis, incessant practice, and a positive embrace of the benefits of ultrasonic technology along with new state-of-the-art advanced treatments.

The faculty at Cantor Spine Institute develops education and training for a variety of organizations, including:

• Physicians
• Medical Education Institution, including universities, medical and nursing schools
• Hospitals
• Surgical Teams
• Qualified Medical Residents and Fellows

Pioneering in Spine Health.

Cantor Spine Institute is committed to continuously researching, addressing, and solving the myriad shortcomings of traditional spine surgery and dated methodology. Through methodical research and education, Cantor Spine Institute is enabling the medical community to perform minimally-invasive treatments that are smarter, safer, future-minded, and better.

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