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Why choose Cantor

Neck or spine surgery is serious business. That’s why it’s a good idea to do your homework before deciding who to trust with your operation. Here’s 5 reasons why you should consult with the Cantor Spine Institute before making that big decision.

  1. Dr. Jeff Cantor is a world-renowned spine surgeon and pioneer in the field of Ultrasonic Spine Surgery.
  2. Ultrasonic Spine Surgery is less invasive than traditional surgery and more effective than laser spine surgery for conditions ranging from cervical or lumbar stenosis to spondylolisthesis.
  3. Ultrasonic technology allows passage through bone and calcifications without causing injury to soft tissue.
  4. Since Dr. Cantor’s technique does not cut or remove spinal structure, most patients recover faster and have improved long-term results.
  5. Dr. Cantor takes the time to custom design a personalized program of care that’s right for you.

What Our Clients Say

  • Cynthia S.

    “Words can’t express how much I appreciate you giving me my life back and to be able to play with my granddaughter again while being pain free.”

    Cynthia S. , Lumbar Spinal Stenosis surgery at Cantor Spine Institute
  • Brandi B.

    “I had been told I would live with pain forever. Meeting Dr. Cantor changed that. I am pain-free and able to care for my children and family. Life is great again!”

    Brandi B. , Cervical Stenosis surgery at Cantor Spine Institute
  • Dana W.

    “I am a physical therapist and when time came for me to have back surgery THE ONLY doctor I would let take care of me was Dr. Cantor.”

    Dana W. , Lumbar Disc Herniation surgery at Cantor Spine Institute
  • William R.

    “As a result of your extraordinary surgical skill my pain is relieved, and I am once more enjoying pain free skiing and hiking in my home near Lake Placid, NY.”

    William R. , Spinal Stenosis & Spinal Tumor surgery at Cantor Spine Institute

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“Why Dr. Cantor is the only spine surgeon I’d let operate on me”

A Sports Medicine fellow who is just completing an 8-week Orthopedic rotation with Dr. Cantor. Here is her story.

“I’ve been shadowing Dr. Cantor for the past eight weeks as part of my Orthopedic rotation, and I can honestly say it’s been an eye-opening experience for me.

The time Dr. Cantor spends with his patients is not the norm for doctors these days. A general orthopedist would typically see around 22-25 patients in a morning, and a similar volume in the afternoon. Dr. Cantor sees about five or six, which is unheard of in my experience. In addition, most of the orthopedic surgeons I have encountered just look at the MRI and determine whether the patient needs surgery or not. Dr. Cantor is the first spine surgeon I’ve met who actually takes the time to equate what he sees on the MRI with the pain and discomfort that the patient is physically experiencing. He makes sure he gets to the root of what’s causing the pain before deciding whether a surgical intervention is going to benefit the patient. It sounds obvious, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

I had the opportunity to observe Dr. Cantor in the operating theatre and his surgical skills were impressive. He was meticulous when cutting from skin to bone, taking the time to ensure that he’s preserving as much tissue as possible, which makes the closure process much smoother and leads to faster recovery times. None of the surgeons I had observed in the past took as much time. And most of the spine surgery patients I’ve been exposed to previously required multiple operations. But not here at the Cantor Spine Institute. It comes down to excellent surgical technique and the use of ultrasonic tools, which means less fusions and implants. Once you fuse the spine, you put additional stress above and below the fuse, leading to further surgeries down the road. Dr. Cantor manages to preserve the spine without the need for fusion, which is quite remarkable.

I was also amazed at how well his patients do post-operatively. This is testament to the great preparation and attention to detail before, during and after surgery. Dr. Cantor puts his patients on a special anti-inflammatory diet that gives them the best possible outcome and reduces complications. He also follows the patient’s progress for a year after surgery, which again is highly unusual in my profession. It’s all the little things he does that add up to positive outcomes. I met so many of his patients who said, “You’ve changed my life.”

If I or someone in my family ever needed spine surgery, Dr. Cantor would definitely be top of my list.”

—Sports Medicine Fellow