Dr. Cantor at the Cantor Spine Institute is devoted to advancing the field of spinal surgery through safer, innovative, and transformative techniques using ultrasonic technology. His practice is grounded in motion-preserving and function-sparing spinal surgery, with an emphasis on fusion alternative surgery for the treatment of cervical stenosis, lumbar stenosis, lumbar spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, spinal deformity, and other disabling spinal problems. Through methodical research, outcome analysis, and embracing cutting edge technology, he has developed new and novel process, techniques, and procedures. Dr. Cantor has pioneered the use of ultrasonic technology to completely change the way spinal surgery is done, redefining, and moving minimal invasive surgery into the future.

His work is inspired by the shortcomings of traditional spinal surgery. When using the current, dated, spinal surgery methods, the process of relieving painful pressure from nerves involves removing some of the necessary supports of the spine. The anatomical parts, that hold us up and keeps us strong and mobile, are disabled. With traditional surgery, the structures that have been removed are replaced with fusions, supported by rods and screws. Mobility is lost, function is compromised and pain often recurs within an unacceptably short period of time. These surgically created changes in the structures of the spine can often lead to the eventual need for additional surgeries.

Dr. Cantor has invested the necessary time and effort to master the use of the most sophisticated new surgical tools and techniques to offer their patients different and better spinal surgery. His in depth understanding of, and the use of ultrasonic technology, has enabled Dr. Cantor to achieve a level of safety and precision that is not possible with traditional spine surgery tools and lasers and is his platform for a completely different surgical process. The “Ultrasonic” vibrating blade dissolves painful bone spurs and can be used safely, even in direct contact with delicate nerves. When it touches your finger, it feels like an electric toothbrush, but the ultrasonic blade will cut through a painful bone spur “like a hot knife through butter”. This process makes “precision” spinal surgery possible. Painful bone spurs are dissolved from the inside out. Only what is pinching the nerve is removed. The normal and necessary structures of the spine are not disrupted. Function and normal mobility are preserved and abnormal stresses are not created. This negates the need for many spinal fusions, and the accompanying screws and rods. Fixing one problem does not create three others. This technique is a “value” for patients seeking a lifestyle preserving, long lasting solution for their spine problems.

Benefits of minimally invasive Ultrasonic Spine Surgery:

  • Preservation of normal spinal anatomy (important parts)
  • Preserved function and mobility
  • Greater than 90% reduction in the number of spinal fusions
  • Reduction in the use of rods and screws needed for spinal fusion
  • The smallest possible incision
  • Reduction in surgical pain
  • Reduction in opioid use
  • Dramatic reduction in blood loss and almost complete elimination of use of blood transfusions
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Fewer complications
  • Faster and easier recovery

At the Cantor Spine Institute, compassionate care combined with continuous innovation is our distinctive approach. Resolving spinal problems without surgery is always our first plan, but when that has not allowed our patients to reach their goals, they need to be well prepared, well educated, informed and confident. Surgery needs to be minimally invasive, well planned, well executed, safer and “better.” The Cantor Spine Institute is dedicated to delivering the best patient care across the entirety of the patient journey, and we’re proud to have an expert medical team that is aligned in the constant goal of getting our patients what they need…to get “better.

If you suffer from neck and back pain or have been diagnosed with cervical stenosis, call the Cantor Spine Center. The medical team at Cantor Spine Center provide patients with a safer, better and more advanced surgical alternative. Patients should never settle for subpar care associated with higher risk. Schedule a patient. consultation by calling (954) 567-1332 to experience the Cantor difference firsthand. With the ultrasonic technology, our expert and advance team of surgeons will give you back to living life free of pain.