Neck or spine surgery is serious business. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a second opinion before deciding to have surgery. Dr. Cantor has developed a revolutionary technique that eliminates or reduces the need for fusions, preserve mobility, function, and lifestyle.

Why Ultrasonic Spine Surgery with Dr. Cantor:

  • Shorter length of stay in hospital
  • Fewer complications during surgery
  • Reduced risk of “collateral damage” to surrounding tissue and spinal structure
  • Reduced use of plates and screws
  • Reduced infections
  • Lower readmissions into hospital
  • Less post-operative pain and reduced reliance on pain medications
  • Faster recovery
  • Enhanced mobility after treatment
  • Improved patient satisfaction

Dr. Cantor further explains why many patients who are considering laser spine surgery will see better outcomes with Ultrasonic Spine Surgery, a procedure he has pioneered.

“The term ‘laser surgery’ has become a very effective marketing tool. Laser surgery has been a game-changer in many surgical specialties, such as ophthalmology and urology, but unfortunately, it has not been the case in spine surgery. The truth is, laser spine surgery is associated with higher complication rates and short-lasting results. Laser surgery is good at relieving pain, as it obliterates the nerve. But a laser cannot tackle the root cause of your pain, such as impacted bone, invariably leading to further problems down the road.”

In fact, many of Dr. Cantor’s patients have had laser surgery in the past, but end up coming to him for a minimally invasive ultrasonic procedure to correct associated problems.

“My approach is simple but effective. I treat each patient as a unique case, consider all treatment options available, and focus on preserving function and restoring mobility.”

And with more than 30,000 hours spent operating on patients, Dr. Cantor’s clinical outcomes in the list above speak for themselves.

If you’ve been told you need neck or back surgery, you owe it to yourself to get a second opinion from Dr. Cantor, a world-renowned spine surgeons. We provide patients with a safer, better and more advanced surgical alternative. Our patients should never settle for subpar care associated with higher risk. Contact us today at (954) 567-1332 to experience the Cantor difference firsthand.